Lolalola leather bondage and rope bondage orgasm

rope bondage and leather bondage

Lolalola in leather bondage and rope bondage

This is Lola lola’s first shoot with Lola lola is a very beautiful UK model and in this update she is first put into some easy leather bondage that goeas arround her neck and restrain her arms on her back while she is wearing a smal sexy dress.  Alreaddy she is helpless. She is then freed of her dress and put in some rope bondage using red rope. She even gets some string fastend to her sensitive nipples before she is told to kneel down on the floor. Just to make sure she is not getting up and running away she is secured with a couple of leather straps keeping her grounded. And now that she is all helpless and tied up it is time to find the vibrator and give her some pleasure for her pain!

This was a great shoot and Lola lola was awesome to work with and did a fantastic job. Watch out for more updates with this sexy model coming your way!

For the full set of pictures and a 20min video go here!

rope bondage and leather bondage LolaLola

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Mia Beth in Bedroom Bondage

Mia Beth in bedroom bondage

Mia Beth in Bedroom Bondage.

Mia Beth is a stunning dark haired model and this is from her first shoot with

Mia Beth waiting to be tied

In this  Bedroom bondage clip Mia Beth is taking a nap peacefully in her bed when an intruder sneaks in to her bedroom and silently and carefully ties her wrists together without waking her. When Mia Beth does waken it is already to late! The intruder has her tied up and helpless!   The intruder wastes no time in getting some more rope on her, making her even more helpless. She is then stripped from what little clothes she have on, gagged and tied into a really tight hogtie with her elbows tied together and left to struggle. This story continues in Mia Beth Boxtie 1 and 2 Coming soon to Stay tuned for more of this beautiful bondage model in future updates to come. 

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